Don’t Forget…

By Karen Smith

1. Don’t be upset when I jump for joy when you come through the door.

jumping pug sky


2. Give me time to understand what you want from me.

funny face pug

3. Give me your trust.

pug eyes dog face

4. Don’t be angry with me for too long.

thinking pug sofa funny

5. Take me inside when the weather gets bad.

face pug snow closeup

6. Talk to me.

black pug eyes curious

7. Comfort me when I’m scared.

funny pug mask pics man

8. Remember that I’ll never forget how you treat me.

happy pug girl hug

9. Come outside with me.

going to walk pug

10. Let me make new friends.

pug german shepherd play

11. Give me a treat ever once in a while.

face closeup pug eyes begging

12. Please don’t hit me.

two pugs amazing

13. Understand when I need my alone time.

pug water thinking pics

14. Show me your world.

pugs cars pics

15. Teach me new things.

pugs listening dogs

16. Let me get dirty once in a while.

dirty pug face photo

17. Touch me.

curious pug face pics

18. Pay attention if I don’t seem like myself.

sad pug photo

19. Love me when I’m old just as much as you did when I was young.

sad pug looking photo

Mad as a March Hare

15 Signs You’re a Crazy Pug Person…

Well let’s just say if more than a few of these points apply to you… then there’s straight up no denying that you are indeed a crazy pug person!

1. Your refer to your pug as your baby and to yourself as their ‘mom’ or ‘dad’.


2. Things that are normally for human children are now completely normal for your pugs as well…


3. …because you consider your pug your child… an integral member of your family, not just your ‘pet’.


4. No matter where you are, no matter what streets you have to cross, if you see a pug you MUST say hello to him.


5. Pugs flock to you as if they innately understand that you are a crazy pug person.



6. This is your life goal.


7. You are a hit with every pug you meet.


8. You have trouble finding a significant other because nobody is as great as your pug.



9. This is your ideal family dinner.



10. You’ve skipped going out tons of times because leaving your pug is too painful.

11. You spend tons of money on pug toys and beds that either get destroyed or remain unused.


12. You get REALLY excited when the weekend comes so you can spend all of your time with your pugs.


13. Some people have names picked out for their children. You have names picked out for your future pugs.


14. So even though people might think you’re a little nuts…


15. …it doesn’t matter, because you know you’re great!

Fotolia Queen pug jpeg



Are Dogs Like Babies?

From Cesar Milan is also the author of Cesar’s Way — The #1 New York Times Bestseller (Hardcover)

Are Dogs Like Babies More Than We Think?

By Joe Wilkes

A new study from Current Biology proves a lot about dogs that we’ve been noticing at for a long time. Researchers in Hungary completed a study that shows dogs respond to eye contact and verbal and nonverbal cues from humans similarly to human children in the two-year-old range who haven’t started talking. Some dogs are even able to understand American Sign Language, the hand signals used by the hearing impaired to communicate.

Dogs were shown to read nonverbal cues, especially when the human used eye contact and could sense the emotion of the human. ABC news reported Nicholas Dodman, the director of the Animal Behavior Center at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in N. Grafton, Massachusetts as saying “They are looking for an expression of what the person is thinking…This is another example of a supposed barrier between animals and humans being knocked down by research.”

The study, conducted by the Institute for Psychological Researches, Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest used actresses who addressed the dogs and turned their attention to a pot. One group of actresses made eye contact with the dog and the dogs’ eyes were tracked to follow the actresses’ eyes looking at the pot. The dogs who did not get eye contact from the actresses were less likely to look at the pot. Additionally, the study showed, the dogs were more responsive to high-pitched “baby talk” voices than lower normal conversational tones.

The study helps prove that dogs are more attuned with our energy, tone of voice, and other nonverbal behaviors than we might have imagined. Other studies have shown that dogs possess small vocabularies of words they hear their humans say repeatedly, but these scientific studies have helped quantitatively support the anecdotal evidence that pet owners have seen of dogs responding intuitively to their humans’ energy and nonverbal signs. The studies also underscore Cesar’s observances of dogs who are able to sense the energy that a human brings into a room, how they respond to touch, vocalizations, and eye contact, and how their behavior is affected. So for all of you out there who say your dog is like your baby, you may be more right than you thought!

Meet the Pug

Cute article from

You’re walking your Pug down the street and you see someone approaching looking closely at your dog. Your dog is small, between 14 and 20 pounds, give or take a pound of two…It has a curly twisty sort of tail, protruding eyes, a muscular body, button ears, short legs and a solemn expression or a smile on its face, depending on the moment. The man stops you and asks “is that a miniature bulldog”? You break a smile and say “oh no, it’s a Pug”! The man wants to take a closer look and asks you if your dog bites. You pause for a moment, thinking ever so briefly at how funny that question sounds to you and say “Bite? My dog may lick you forehead to chin, he may even make a few strange sounds, but bite? Uh uh”. The man bends down to take a closer look at your little dog, and it’s curly tail wags slowly in a funny circular motion…Not back and forth, or up and down, or side to side…More like around and around. The man’s amused, noticing the Pugs facial folds and says to the dog “you’ve got wrinkles”. You watch and smile as your Pug gives this stranger a classic Pug head tilt at the sound of his voice and the man wonders if this dog actually understands him. He talks some more and sees the head tilt again and again, along with a variety of classic Pug expressions.

One of our Pugminded Facebook fans

“His ears and muzzle are like velvet” the man says, but “his coat is thick, does he shed?”. “Does he ever” you reply. “There’s hair all over the house, on the clothes and now that you’ve pet my Pug, you’ll have Pug hair in your house too. You might as well just get a Pug now.”

 The man hears the slight purring sound your Pug is making, or maybe it’s a snort, and asks if they make that noise all the time. You tell the man “all the time” is a relative term. You know your Pug snorts and snores while it, and you are sleeping. You know it makes these noises and others when you pet it, and when it gets excited. It cries a happy cry when you come home or say the word “walk” or “car”. That funny sound is enough to make anyone’s bad mood melt away. “I don’t know if I could live with the snoring at night” the man says. To which you reply, “I don’t know if I could sleep without that snoring”!

Being a Pug Person, you tell him a bit more about the breed. That it comes in Fawn or Black, but aside from color, a Pug’s a Pug. It’s a sedentary dog that likes to be around people almost as much as it likes to eat, but not quite. You talk about its good nature, that it is great with kids, gentle and passive. It sheds plenty, and that’s worth repeating for people with an aversion to vacuums or people with allergies. It plays with you when it feels like it, and sleeps long and comfortably on your lap or at your feet when it isn’t playing or eating. “Pugs don’t bark much either” you tell him, but they will do their level best to imitate a big dog in order to protect you and your home…”Pugs are funny that way” you say…”little dogs, that think they’re big”.

 You wouldn’t be a Pug Person if you didn’t take care to mention that Pugs have a bit of a stubborn steak to them. After all, it’s part of their charm…like the snoring. In short, you tell the man that Pugs are the best of dogs…Warm loving companions that own you, rather than you owning it. “Don’t let the solemn look fool you” you conclude, Pugs are The Clown Prince of Dogs, as entertaining and funny as any dog can be.

Rescue Me

Found this article on and wanted to share it…

Get Involved in Pug Rescue

The popularity of Pugs has been on the rise since the late 1980’s. Long a well-kept secret, Pugs were seldom seen except perhaps in large urban areas where they have been ideal apartment dogs for decades. Today however, Pugs have proliferated and can now be spotted in most every town, from your average suburban community to rural areas clear across America.

The rise in the popularity of Pugs can be reasonably connected to many factors. Media appearances in movies such as Men in Black, Television shows such as Friends, in entertainment magazines portrayed as celebrity pets of Jenna Elfman and Alec Baldwin…and so on and on. The internet, and the broad global exposure generated has played a role too, as Pug enthusiasts and owners created web sites about their Pugs which could be easily viewed by anyone surfing the web. Of course, the single greatest reason for the popularity of Pugs is the plain and simple fact that Pugs are great dogs. They’re cute, fun, friendly and great with kids, to name just a few reasons why the Pug is a wonderful breed.

Unfortunately though, all this popularity is taking its toll on the Pug breed and consequently on Pug Rescue organizations as well. Stated quite simply, there are too many too many disreputable Pug breeders out there making too many Pugs which are being purchased by people who didn’t research the breed or breeders before buying a Pug. As a result, Pug Rescue organizations are fast becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of Pugs being given up to Rescue organizations or simply abandoned.

We at urge every Pug person to get involved in Pug Rescue and lend a hand to any of the many organizations currently working to provide suitable, loving homes to Pugs in need. There are a variety of ways you can become involved, and we’ve written this article to illustrate just a few of ways in which you can help:

Donations: Pug Rescue organizations always need money to help pay for the veterinary care, food and often transportation of the Pugs they rescue. The endeavor of Pug Rescue is one that generates no profit, and often leaves those involved with large out of pocket expenses. At this most basic level, urges you to donate to your local Pug Rescue organization.

Spotters: Pug Rescue organizations, like all rescue groups often use “spotters” as a means to finding Pugs in need of rescue. These spotters periodically check local animal shelters in search of homeless Pugs, and will also attempt to find foster care for the Pugs they find. A successful spotter is a person who is good at networking, working to develop a positive relationship with local shelter employees and within the community.

Transporters:Rescued Pugs need to get from one place to the other and this is where transporters come in. Transporters may take a rescued Pug from the shelter to a foster home, from a foster home to a vet, or from a foster home to a new home.

Foster Homes: Providing a foster home for a Rescue Pug isn’t just giving a Pug food and shelter until it is adopted. There’s more to it than that, and being a foster home provider can be both demanding, rewarding and even heartbreaking. As a foster home provider, you could be assisting in the dogs recovery from injury or illness, involved in housetraining or behavioral training or even simply evaluating the dog to help match it to a suitable home.

Outreach: Pug Rescue organizations can always use someone to help establish relationships with others who work with dogs in some fashion. Outreach workers can solicit food donations from pet food suppliers or grocers, make arrangements with shelters to donate kennel space or enlist the help of veterinarians and dog trainers who may provide low cost, or even no-cost services for rescue groups.

Promotions: If there’s an inner-salesperson within you, then consider helping Pug Rescue organizations by helping to promote their cause. Raising money, enlisting the help of the media for promotion of the rescue group and just plain making the local community aware of the groups existence are some of the many ways a person can help.

So, what are you waiting for?