Why We Love Pugs

Cute article from Pugspot.com

Why People Love Pugs

Why are Pugs so popular? Could it be their good looks or unmistakable charm? What is so darn irresistible about those Pugs? Ask anyone who has ever known a Pug and they will tell you there is no other dog that compares. But why?

Pugs are different. They possess all the qualities of a big dog in a little dog body. They are big enough to not be annoying and small enough for any size house. Perhaps their motto best describes them. Multum in Parvo – “a lot of dog in a small space.”

Pugs are affectionate. If you want a constant companion, he’s your man. They are happy to follow you around, lending you a helping paw. They make great couch potato buddies. Just bring enough snacks for you both. They are great bed-warmers. They will cuddle with you on the cold winter nights.

Pugs are fun and they are funny. If given an audience, they are sure to entertain. They are playful but not overly demanding. They are natural-born show offs. Nothing can make a Pug happier than being the life of the party.

Pugs have the grace and elegance sought after by royalty. Indeed, several notable nobles have owned Pugs. Just look at the list of royals they have possessed.

Pugs are friendly. They love everyone, from the mailman to the dog next door. They have never met a stranger. Pugs are excellent all around people dogs and animal dogs.

Pugs are sensitive. They do not like harsh tones. It hurts their feelings. They also are much attuned to your feelings. They can sense your distress and provide you with a comforting nuzzle.
Pugs are loyal. Unlike people, they do not know dishonor. They will be your friend to the end.

Pugs love kids. Well, most kids. If you want your child to have a perfect playmate they are “Pug”itively the best.

Pugs simply pop with personality. Never let it be said that a Pug is a boring dog. They are simply clowns in a dog’s body.

Pugs are cute. Who can resist their smooshie, squishy faces? Who could resist their snorts and grunts? Aren’t they the most precious little things you have ever seen?

Does anything else need to be said!?

7 responses to “Why We Love Pugs

  1. I have two puggles and one pug. The pug is so awesome, she makes the other two look like chumps! Love love love my pug…..the next one I get will be a black one! So gorgeous!

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  4. Here’s my pug story… I have always had very large dogs until one day a stray pug walked up my drive way. I tried to find the owners with no luck so for a 3 weeks I took care of her. I WAS HOOKED!!!! I loved her so much and it hurt the day I found her owners. Well, I had to get a pug so I found someone who was selling puppies in my city (Hesperia, CA) so I went the their house and they interviewed me. I thought that was great by the way. I sat on the floor and saw pug puppies playing and then it happen…around the couch he came walking slowly to me climb in my lap and fell a sleep. OMG!! I name him Buster after his dad! Buster and I have been the best of friends and we went every where together. I loved him like he was my son!!! this was 10 years ago. We have been through so much together. When I broke my leg he would not leave me and put his head on my leg to comfort me. My mom passed 4 years ago of breast cancer. she used to live with me after my dad passed in 1999. Buster would not leave her and would put his head on her and try to make it better. This is very hard for me to write but I want everyone to know about Buster. On June 27, 2014 My son and I took Buster to the vet because we thought his hip was hurting him and I wanted to get some pain meds. I had been up all night with him. He wouldn’t stop panting and would not lay down so I held him until the Vet open in the morning. I knew something was terribly wrong. I felt it! The vet took an ex-ray of Buster’s chest and came back and told me his heart was failing. OMG I fell to my knees and screamed horror. NO NO NO please NO GOD help my BUS BUS. I had to put him a sleep that day and I swear to you my heart and soul feel so lonely . The love I have for my Buster was half of what he gave me and I hope that he knew it. I need to go now I cant stop crying and I’m so happy that I have had a chance to love a pug BUSTER!!!!

    • God Bless you. I cried when I read this. I’ve had 6 pugs over the years and gosh when they are old it just tears me up. Wish I could be lucky enough that they could die in their sleep. Forever a pug fan (4 fawns, and 2 black)

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