For the Love of Dogs

I think all of us with Pugs can understand this kind of bond:

For The Love Of Dogs
By Miss Debra Rae

Dogs and humans have been together for centuries. Why are we such pals? Dogs dig, bark, lick, steal burgers from the grill, get fleas, worms, ticks. Dogs have to be trained to do their business outside and then it has to be cleaned up. They have to be fed, bathed, brushed, walked, played with and watered. Dogs need attention, a veterinarian and must be cared for when you go on vacation or away for the night or a weekend.

Through all this, the human/dog bond is stronger than ever. Its estimated people are spending over $2 billion a year on their family pets and this number increases yearly. Some say within the next 5 years people will spend in excess of $8 billion a year on their furry family members without blinking an eye. Those that pamper their pets are an example to all of how to say “thank you” to man’s best friend.

A well cared for dog will do anything to protect their human pack. Recently, a Chihuahua took on a rattlesnake to protect one of its family members and nearly lost its little canine life. Dogs are among the heroes after a disaster such as the twin towers or an avalanche. Dogs find the dead for a proper burial and the living who are covered with so much rubble or snow that no human could ever find them without the super sniffer of the dog.

The stories about canine heroes are in the thousands and occur every day. How many people would not be alive today without the wonderful dog? Our lives are richer, happier, and so much better with our pal the dog.

Dogs have been guiding the blind and deaf for decades. These canine kings and queens create a quality of life and a safety net not found with any other animal. Dogs help people with Cerebral palsy and severe anxiety. Dogs calm children and adults with autism, bi-polar disorders and other challenges. It’s stated that by simply petting a dog, a human becomes more relaxed and blood pressure drops. Dogs warn us when someone is at the door or when an intruder has entered the house. Dogs sniff out bombs and drugs. Dogs seem to know when someone has ill intent. Dogs are looking out for us at all times. Always on alert. Dogs are the ultimate protectors. Dog is indeed man’s best friend and brings out the best in people. The love for a dog brings tears to the eyes of the most jaded and hardened people. This love can also drive a hard-core military man to break every rule in the book to protect a stray dog who has become a family member. Dogs are exceptional.

Dogs are more a family member than ever before instead of the old way of the pet who lives outside. People sleep with their dogs, cuddle with their dogs and take them on vacation. People pamper their dogs, dress their dogs and buy them only the best dog food available or make it at home. We thank our dogs every day for their love, companionship and individual personality. We have safety belts for our dogs and dog hammocks for the car. We adore our dogs and they in turn adore us.

This exchange of pure love is why we humans spend billions of dollars on dog supplies, food, and all around spoiling. Our canine family member will die for us, warn us of danger and lead us home if we’re lost. It’s a fair trade to clean up the dog poop, deflea, deworm, detick, walk, water, play, brush, train and fill up the holes they dig.

About the Author:
Miss Rae has had animals her entire life & writes continually about them & how they make us better.

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