Hello World!

Well, Pugminded is officially rolling out our very first blog post! We thought this would be a great way to keep in touch with all our Pugminded fans, and create a forum to share news and just talk about those critters we all love…Pugs! We will be sending out an e-mail update in the future when we get things a bit more organized, but in the meantime, we invite all our friends to send us some ideas and topics for posting, poll ideas, pictures or perhaps an article you may have written and would like to share with the Pugminded community. You can send it to us at Pugminded@aol.com. If we don’t have your e mail, you can always sign up on our Facebook page. Just look for the little e mail signup tab on the left. As always, you can still follow us on Twitter @Pugminded, visit us on Facebook or check out Pugminded.com. We just thought this would be a fun new way to share stories, information and a serve as general spot for all things Pug. Happy Holidays everyone!

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